Cloud Based

Access from anywhere from any device with real time data synchronization


Every single transaction is approved by higher authorities

Live Tracking

See live locaton of your sales team


It’s important to know your numbers, we present you a perfect module of accounts to cater your all financial objects.


Inventory Module can help you track individual items from purchase to sale, and a real time cost of goods sold calculation, unveil you to have a comprehensible outlook.


Distribution system entitle you to visualize & control over stock, pricing and sales team in an effective manner with a real time location tracking. It enables you to focus on more significant conclusions and enhancing aspects of your business.


Product Catalogue

Different products are divided into a set of categories to make it easier to manage a diversified set of invertory.


Distribution Network

The Stores are divided up into zones to help you understand how the different zones are performing across a distribution area. Agents will be assigned to different within a specific zone.


Mobile App Orders

State of the art mobile application is developed for the sales agent to book the order, handle sales return or collection of payments from their assigned stores.


Real Time Server Approval

Orders will be updated to the server for approval as soon as booked through mobile application.


Agent Location Tracking

Real time as well as archiving of the location Coverage Archive to maintain a record of the agents visit to different stores designnated to him.


Extensive Reporting

An information management system to maintain a record of sales, sales return and payment transactions. A use of filters allows you to analyze the performance of a business more effectively.


Messaging and Integrations

Real time SMS delivery has been incorporated into the system to confirm a transaction to customers, also business transaction are availabel for export so can be integrated to other ERPs.